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Akat Stainless Steel Recycle Services

Chicago Iron Scrap

Humans have used iron since ancient times. This metal has its place in history – The Iron Age. Iron became the primary metal in steel almost 3,000 years ago. More than 50% of US steel production today relies on recycled iron.

There are many advantages in recycling iron. You can make some money instead of throwing dollars into Chicago’s landfills. You will power about 18 million homes for one year as well as help reduce the price of steel products.

So why not bring all your extra iron that is taking up valuable space to us?

We want your discarded iron!

Don’t take your unwanted iron scrap to one of Chicago’s dumps. Recycle your unwanted iron with Akat Scrap Metal. Just give us a call at (312) 563-1050 or send us a message.

Iron Scrap We Accept
Iron cookware
  •  Iron pipe
  •  Iron automotive parts such as blocks
  •  Industrial iron
  •  Many others

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