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Akat Aluminum Recycle Services

Aluminum Recycling in Chicago

Aluminum is not a renewable source

Aluminum recycling is a great way to contribute to Chicago. At Akat Scrap Metal, we give you the incentive to play a part in creating a sustainable Chicago and Chicago Suburbs by giving you top scrap metal prices for your unwanted scrap aluminum items.

Aluminum Recycling is a Good Investment

We strive to be environmentally friendly. Aluminum is not a renewable resource. Scrap aluminum is a major supply source for the US aluminum industry. 31% of aluminum goes into manufacturing new products.

Reusing aluminum accomplishes

   Helps preserve existing bauxite resources
  Salvaged aluminum requires 95% less energy than mining and processing virgin bauxite
  One pound of recycled aluminum can power your TV for 3 hours
  One pound of recycled aluminum is equal to 7.5 kwH of electricity
   Akat Scrap Metal gives you a competitive scrap price for your unwanted aluminum

Scrap Aluminum Pricing

We want to give you Chicago’s best price for your unwanted scrap aluminum. Aluminum is priced per pound on the metal and scrap markets, so our price fluctuates. Prices are based on criteria such as:

   Clean, uncoated aluminum solids, clippings, punching, piping, and tubing such as window frames, siding, litho and diamond plates.
  Other aluminums include: coolers, cast, wheels, wire, cans and shavings.

We take pride in being able to give you the best competitive scrap metal prices in Chicago.

Scrap Aluminum – Items We Accept

We accept aluminum items for recycling such as:

   Industrial and residential extruded window frames, siding and gutters
  Aluminum wheels, air conditioner and vehicle coolers and radiators
  Industrial fabricated frames, machine shavings, litho printing plates
  Aluminum sheet, cast molds, insulated wire, acsr wire and breakage
  Aluminum beverage cans

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